5 Indie Artists That Indie Artists Should Follow on Twitter

Twitter is growing faster than the number of protesters in Egypt. With the twittersphere inflating, it's difficult to know who to follow and who to leave behind. When it comes to the arts, we've got you covered.

Twitter is growing faster than the number of protesters in Egypt. With the twittersphere inflating, it’s difficult to know who to follow and who to leave behind.

When it comes to the arts, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of the top five up-and-coming artists worth following. They come from all over the place and from all different areas of the arts, from comedy to cartooning. What ties these artists together is their innovative use of Twitter and their sharp understanding of the creative opportunities that social media sites make possible.

Name: Danielle Corsetto

Twitter: @dcorsetto

Location: Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Bio: Cartoonist, Girl Scout leader. Lush.

Website: http://www.girlswithslingshots.com

Artist and illustrator Danielle Corsetto is the creative brainpower behind Girls With Slingshots, a daily comic strip focused on the lives of two friends living in the city. Like her comic strip, which makes readers privy to the small, seemingly insignifigant details of a woman’s life, Corsetto tweets about ordinary things, like how many pairs of underwear makes a full load of laundry, and whether or not underwear is necessary in the first place. My favorite tweet: “Commandao isn’t really a big deal.” Despite her mundane subject matter, Corsetto’s tweets are funny and sharp, bringing life and humor to everyday things.

Name: Brian Solis

Twitter: @briansolis

Location: San Fran, Cali

Bio: Author, Marketing executive, public speaker.

Writer and business figure Brian Solis is a market-minded man that you need to keep your eye on, and you can do so by following his tweets. Based out of San Fransiscio, California, Solis is an author focused on social media trends. His tweets typically direct you to his published articles and blogs (recent topics: “are you a content consumer or creator?” and “rethinking the future of business”) but every once in a while, Solis throws out a great quote or maxim. My favorite: “Constraining creativity is crippling, approaching creativity from constraint is mind-opening.”

Name: Andrew Schulz

Twitter: @andrewschulz

Location: New York, NY

Bio: Stand Up Comic, Logical Masculinist, Self Celebrator.

Website: http://www.theandrewschulz.com

New York comedian Andrew Schulz is humanizing the twittersphere, providing social commentary to everyday experiences. His boy-next-door commentary will brighten your day, providing comedic relief to the mundane. Recently featured in Cringe Humor, this funny boy is gaining public recognition across North America. Aside from shamelessly promoting his stand-up shows and blog, Schulz uses Twitter to comment about sports, food, and men’s issues.

Name: Annie Strack

Twitter: @AnnieStrack

Location: Lousiana & Philidelphia

Bio: Professional Maritime Artist, Writer for Art Calendar Magazine, Artist Workshops Instructor, Official Authorized USCG Artist, Author and Art Business Consultant

Anything arts-related, Annie is your go-to girl. She tweets advice for aspiring writers, and links to information on government grants for the arts in addition to promoting her written work and art-related events and workshops, both local and across the U.S.

Name: Polly Scattergood

Twitter @ pollyworld

Location: London

Bio: I like experimenting with sounds, electronic noisy stuff whirls bleeps synths but also raw piano bits. Recording my second album now!

Website: http://www.myspace.com/pollyscattergood

Tweeting to you all the way from the U.K., this singer/songwriter uses her Twitter account to post raw music samples through stages of recording. “I like experimenting with sounds” writes Scattergood on her Twitter profile, where she updates a growing number of followers on the progress of her second album. Her self-titled debut album was released in the UK in March, 2009, and was immediately named “record of the week: on the Steve Lamacq show.

Keep your eye on this Brit bombshell, and start following now!