Free Fitness & Workout Apps for the Office

How long have you been sitting behind a computer this year?

Your desk job and screen time could be killing you–resolve to change your situation this year. A recent study found a significant increase in death risks in people that spend more than eight hours sitting every day.

To help AppNewser readers cope with this major medical problem, we’ve found five apps that will help you get up and move every day. Links to Amazon, Android and iOS apps follow below–add your suggestions in the comments section.

Five Free Fitness & Workout Apps for the Office

1. Alarm App: All smartphones and cellphones have some sort of a free alarm clock app right out of the box. Set an alert every hour on your phone and move around for a few minutes. If you want to be even more fit, GQ has simple exercises you can do in your office.

2. Office Fit app (iOS): This free app gives you simple exercises to perform in your office. You can sign up for daily and hourly alerts, guided through exercises with photos.

3. Workout Trainer app (iOS & Android & Amazon) This app offers a few free office workouts, you can set daily alerts to remind you to perform the short workouts.

4. Daily Cardio Workout (Android & Amazon) A free app with loads of simple and quick fitness tips.

5. Simple Workout Tracker (Amazon & Android) Free tool for keeping track of your office workouts and scheduling time for fitness.