5 Facebook Tips For Aspiring Flash Mobsters

Facebook makes it easy for anyone to create the spontaneous crowd known as a flash mob. Here are five tips on how to do just that.

So, you want to organize a flash mob but don’t know the first thing about getting started? Facebook makes it really easy to do — and you don’t even need a large friend list to pull one off.

Taking a cue from a recent flash mob at the University of Rhode Island that was 400 students strong and organized through Facebook, here’s a simple recipe to whip up your own mob using a few basic tools on the social networking site.

Create A Facebook Event

Here’s a great place to get creative and have some fun! After all you want to build a mob which means getting the attention of your friends. Rager was the concise yet descriptive name for the URI mob. Then, encourage your friends to share the event. You know the drill: Blog about it, share it on Facebook, send a tweet, spread the word.

Just like life, timing is everything when organizing your mob. If you want the mob to storm a site at 10 p.m. sharp, then make the arrival time 15 minutes earlier. A mob isn’t a mob when there are stragglers. No one should be tardy for this party!

Upload Videos and Images

It wouldn’t be a flash mob without the evidence the next day, so get those smart phone cameras and video recorders ready and upload the evidence to Facebook and YouTube to share and grow your community — and capture the moment for the history books.

Create a Group

You’ll want your flash mob memories to live on, or at least unil the next mob. Create a group where members who were at the scene of the crime can share fond remembrances and share information, such as links to news stories, or allow group members to upload their personal videos and photos of the mob in action. Encourage participants to write blog posts that they can share within the group.

Assume A Nom De Guerre

Sure, you thought it was hilarious to storm the student center at midnight but will your parents, dean or future employer feel the same? Depending on the extent of your flash mob shenanigans, protect yourself by creating a code name. Take a cue from “Laidback Larry,” the Facebook group administrator from the URI mob.

Create a Page

If organizing a flash mob turns into a regular pastime, then consider creating a Facebook page that is updated with event information frequently. Nonprofits, for example, are starting to get in on the action using the flash mob model as a way to raise money in a specified time period. And a Facebook page has the added advantage of a custom URL and is fully searchable on the web.
Readers, have you used Facebook to organize a flash mob and you add any steps to this recipe?