5 Apps You Should Delete From Your iPhone

Let’s face it. We all have more apps than we need, and it’s really annoying swiping through pages and pages of apps to get to the ones we use. To help you clean out your iPhone, this blogger has made a list of 5 apps that I’ve deleted from my iPhone to make more room.

1. Borders:  The company went out of business but the app may still on your phone. The app works but it is powered by Kobo, so you might as well consolidate and just use the Kobo app to read the books that you have purchased and buy new ones.

2.MySpace: The app for the social network is perfectly fine, but when was the last time you logged into MySpace? If you’re not using the social network, then you should just clean house and get rid of the app.

3. U.S. Open (tennis app): This is an awesome app to use during the tennis championship in New York. It’s got player bios, videos and it helps you figure out the evolving schedule. But they make a new app every year, so there is no use keeping this one around.

4. UrbanSpoon: Remember this app from the early iPhone commercials? It’s like a digital jackpot machine for finding restaurants. Using your location, it spins around and stops on recommended places to eat. It’s a fun idea, but have you ever really taken them up on their suggestions?

5. Netflix: Now a lot of people may disagree, because this is one of the best apps out there. But really its best to watch movies on your iPad where you have a bigger screen. How often do you actually stream feature-length films on your phone?

What apps have you cleaned off of your phone?