5 Apps For Making Mobile Payments

From Starbucks to PayPal, a host of companies are making it easier for you to turn your mobile phone into a payment platform. To help you learn more about your options for mobile payments, we’ve compiled a list of resources that you can use to turn your phone into a payment device. The list includes the name of the app, a link and the app’s description. Leave your cash and credit cards at home with the help of these apps.

5 Apps For Making Mobile Payments

1. Google Wallet: “Tap your phone to an NFC terminal at checkout and use any credit or debit card you want with your Google Wallet app. Your phone sends payment info to the terminal. Google Offers from participating merchants are redeemed automatically. Tap your phone to pay at hundreds of thousands of NFC-enabled merchants across the country.”

2. Pay With Square: “With Square on your iPhone you’ll never have to swipe your credit card again. Simply walk in the door and say your name at the counter. Pay without ever touching your wallet or phone.”

3. Isis: “The Isis Mobile Wallet holds virtual versions of most things your existing wallet does- this includes your credit and debit cards. Just tap your phone to pay at any Isis Ready merchant.”

4. PayPal: “Think of PayPal as a digital wallet – one convenient, secure spot to keep all your ways to pay. You can link your bank account, debit, and credit cards to your PayPal account (and still earn applicable credit card reward points).”

5. LevelUp: “Register for LevelUp to get your unique LevelUp Code. Link any credit/debit card you’d like. Simply scan your code to pay at your favorite merchants. You’ll get an instant digital receipt. It’s just like swiping your card, but faster. Save money when you try new places on LevelUp. Unlock rewards whenever you go back.”