5 Apps for a Better Social Media Workflow

Every day 4 billion items are shared on Facebook , 200 million Tweets are sent daily . and 1 Billion items are already shared and received on Google+.

The flood of information is only going to increase according to Zuckerberg’s law, saying that every year, we are going to share double the amount of what we shared the year before.

I often find myself overwhelmed by all these different distractions from the different Social Networks. Fortunately there exist a few tools out there I use daily to cut down considerably on the time I spend on each site. Yet, I can do this without losing out on the important element of social interaction.

1. SocialBase – Your Basecamp for Social Media

A great tool to help you organize all of your Social Media tasks more seamlessly. What I like a lot about SocialBase is that it allows you to link up your tools together with your tasks. This makes it a lot easier for people with a large team to integrate workflows seamlessly with all members involved. Of course will find all to-do list features you would expect from a project management tool, yet packed with intelligence towards Social Media.

Best bit: Only recently SocialBase released 6 handbooks for more targeted use of the App. They include guides for Social Media managers, community managers, startups and many more different niches.

2. Let’s Crate – File sharing as easy as it gets

Although not strictly a Social Media App it is a tool that helped me greatly to organize my tasks in the space. It allows you to share files with a large group of people in the simplest possible way. Without signing up or in, you can simply drop your files into the big box right on the landing page. You then receive a link, you can easily share across your network.

Best bit: If you do decide to get an account, you can order your files in folders and use it as a simple file storage tool in the cloud.


3. TwentyFeet – Social Media analytics

Always wanted to know more about your followers and friends? TwentyFeet might just be the tool you have been looking for. It displays you comprehensive graphs from all your Social Networks, that are also easy to extract. For example you can find out about how many followers you have gained, how many retweets and how many mentions. It is super helpful to see these analytics in comparison to previous weeks and months just at once glance.

Best bit: If you really can’t stand another site you need to check upon, you can signup for a digest email with your most important insights.

4. StrawberryJ.am – Make reading news easier

Feeling overwhelmed by your Twitter stream time and again? Let StrawberryJ.am go to work for you. It is a fantastic tool that pulls in all your Tweets and

only displays the most mentioned for you.

This means you can see the top news from the people you are following at one glance. You get your refined stream for lists and hashtags too, depending on where your most valuable posts are located.


Best bit:A top tip is to sign up for the daily email with top stories from your stream. It will be delivered straight to your inbox and saves you lots of time.

5. Buffer – Tweet more intelligently

Note: I am the co-founder of Buffer

For my workflow I have discovered that I am often reading news at times, when my followers aren’t online. Sharing it then doesn’t make too much sense. By putting my Tweets into my Buffer instead, I can have them well spaced out over the day at more optimal times. What helps me greatly is to add Tweets to my Buffer from any site with just one click on the Buffer icon via the browser extension (for Chrome, Safari or Firefox).

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