4th Generation iPhone Will Have Lots of Room for eBooks


It’s iPhone vs. eReaders, really. Those are the two main devices on which people are reading eBooks. Sure, they read on other kinds of phones too, but most of the app-centered reading conversation is centered around the iPhone. So, of course, that means we’ll be storing more and more of our eBook libraries on our phones. The files aren’t too big, but we’re going to be aquiring more and more of them, aren’t we?

So it’s a good thing flash memory capacity grows a heck of a lot every year, and also that Apple pumps out a new iPhone every summer. The iPhone Blog is speculating that this summer’s 4th generation iPhone will have 64 GB of memory (the current top model has 32 gigs).

So that’s a hell of a lot of room for eBooks–thousands and thousands of them. Good news for companies like Stanza, Amazon, and Scrol