’47 Ronin’ is Today’s Free eBook

50If you enjoy 18th century style action-adventure martial arts, then, you’ll want to check out today’s free iPad eBook, 47 Ronin. The interactive eBook is an in-depth look at the cast of characters with photo books  along with behind the scene footage from the latest film starring Keanu Reeves, who plays a former slave out to avenge his master’s death. The film has been struggling with critics, but still managed to get 3.5 out of 5 stars on Rotten Tomatoes with positive reviews from 61% of audiences.

Since the film is based on a graphic novel, it’s only natural to explore the story in eBook format. Download the interactive eBook to see:

Overview of the inspiration for the film based on the Japanese legend.
Video commentary by director Carl Rinsch.
The “Six Steps” of the honorable samurai warriors.
Various photo galleries from chapter to chapter.
Dynamic character and creature profiles.
Details about actor Keanu Reeves and the international cast. 
Fantastical locations and environments.
Elaborate costumes worn by the main characters.
Behind-the-scenes revelations about the making of the film.
Interactive features, ePostcards for sharing, and more!


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