40+ New Twitter-Related Apps

It’s been awhile since we’ve done this, in fact the last time was Christmas time of 2008. Surely, there have been many new Twitter-related apps that came out since then. Here are 40+ new Twitter-related apps for all your Tweetering needs.

Twitority – authority based Twitter search that lets you find out is the most authoritative Twitter member based on specific keywords.

Tweetree – puts your Twitter stream in a tree so you can see the posts people are replying to in context.

JustTweetIt – Lets you find other Tweeters that share your interests, search for friends, and keep up with up with the latest Twitter tools.

Twitemperature – tells you whether you’re hot or cold on Twitter based on your Tweets and not based on the number of your followers

Twtpoll – create a simple poll by entering your Twitter name, type of question, your question in 140 characters or less, and answer choices.

Twopolar – gives you the hottest and latest trends on Twitter for the last 2 and 8 hours, for the day, for the week, for the month, and ever since Twitter was released.

DestroyToday – a new Twitter client built on Adobe AIR platform.

Twitterbuttons – Twitter button generator; lets you embed the buttons to your blogs, sites, and social networking profiles.

Twalala – a new Twitter client that lets you control what you and what you don’t see on your Twitter stream.

TwitchBoard – serves as your Twitter switchboard for sending your Tweets to other social networking sites and media. Currently works with Delicious only.

Tweetvisor – an alternative Twitter interface that also lets you reply to Tweets.

Retweetrank – shows your ranking in terms of retweets from other Twitter users of your Tweets.

Twitrak – lets you select a Twitter member and Trak their basic profile AND their friends and followers on the same page.

MyCleenr – lets you sort your friends by their last tweets and allows you to get rid off all the inactive and useless accounts that you are following.

TwtCard – create and send a greeting card using Twitter.

BubbleTweet – lets you add videos to your Twitter page.

TwitterRibbons – allows you to generate follow me on Twitter ads shaped like a ribbon.

TwitOrNot – lets you rate your Twitter friends tweets whether hot or not, boring or exciting.

Twitterfall – real-time display of the latest Tweets literally falling from the top of the screen going down.

Tweepler – gives you two ways of organizing your Twitter followers – those you want to follow and those whom you want to ignore.

Twtwlst – create your wish list 140 character or less on Twitter.

TweetEffect – lets you analyze why followers unfollow you through your most latest tweets.

Tweetube – share YouTube videos to your Twitter followers easily and quickly.

Tweet Replies – receive Twitter replies on your email, RSS or browser

Twwttrip – organize your travel itenerary via Tweets.

Twippr – short for “Twitter Payment Procedure”. It’s like PayPal the Twitter way.

Twiturm – store, stream and post your music the Twitter stream.

Tweet3 – lets you manage multiple Twitter account in one interface.

TwTask – a sort of To-do list tool you post on your Twitter updates and manage on the TwTask site.

TwitterSheep – generates a word cloud of your Tweets.

NearbyTweets – lets you find other Tweeterers in your vicinity.

TweetBackup – should the worst thing happen to your account, this app lets you restore it if you use it before your account gets deleted.

CheapTweet – Find the best deals, coupons and sales that people are tweeting about.

21Tweets – Tweet bad habits that you want to get rid of and the service will monitor your progress by reminding you via Tweets.

Twisten.FM – FM radio of sorts for Twitter users; it scans Twitter for music tweets.

Tweetj – lets you find music that other Twitter users are Tweeting about.

Tweetabix – compilation of interviews of Twitter users.

TweetBoxLive – receive Tweets via SMS to your mobile phone.

Twitter2FF – sync your Twitter and Friendfeed updates/streams.

TwittExperts – discover and follow varies experts on different fields on Twitter.

Who Follows Whom – Find out who follows up to 5 Twitter users, as well as who these five users follow.

Twittez – Ask the Twitter universe with the question “Does anyone knows…” and this app will try to find out the answers coming from Twitter users.

Twesent – send Twitter virtual presents to your friends.

VacaTweet – set an automatic reply to your Twitter friends when you are out on vacation and could not access Twitter.

If we miss anything, and I know we missed a lot, feel free to leave a comment.