4 Myths of Social Media Advertising [Infographic]

Is organic social better than paid social? When it comes to conversions, it's not.

Social advertising is on the rise. Consumers are flocking to various platforms to discuss products and services, but measuring ROI has been a struggle for brands. How well does social media advertising really work? A new infographic from AOL Platforms looks at data from marketing analytics platform Convertro to dispel some of the myths.

Some key points from the data:

  • Social media is subtle. Advertising on social media may not necessarily close a sale or help acquire a new customer. However, it does influence buying decisions along the way.
  • Pay up. Paid advertising on social sites lead to greater sales conversions than organic posts.
  • Know your networks. Conversion rates differ depending on the platform. Advertising on Twitter is much more effective than paid posts on Facebook or Pinterest.
  • Know your audience. The efficacy of social advertising varies by industry. It’s very effective for subscriptions and e-commerce health/beauty products. It’s less effective for e-commerce apparel, food and beverage.

For more insights, check out the infographic below:

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