4.7 Million Fan Fiction Stories on Wattpad

The writing community of Wattpad now counts 4.7 million fan fiction stories, a major milestone for the online and app-based destination for writers.

To celebrate, the company created a sprawling infographic exploring the history of fan fiction. Here’s more from Wattpad:

fan fiction has morphed from Jane Austen stories into new formats that cast celebrities and yield crossovers where fictional and real worlds and characters collide. It’s the largest area of growth on Wattpad, the world’s largest community for discovering and sharing stories, with uploaded fan fictions reaching 4.7 million stories in 26 languages … The infographic is based on research and analysis of the 4,700,000 fan fiction uploads on Wattpad, the growth trajectory of fan fiction on Wattpad, comments from a community of 10 million monthly Wattpad readers, and statistical insights gathered by Wattpad’s content team.