3 Useful Apps For Selling Products On Facebook

You are pushing out status updates, running promotions and customizing ads, but are failing to link your social efforts to e-commerce sales. Social Media Marketing 101: Before driving traffic to your brand’s Facebook page, first make sure potential customers can browse and purchase your products from it.

Whether you’re selling sneakers, candles, or pizza slices, North Social’s app suite allows you to ring the cash register, increase social ROI and improve customer loyalty. Take a look at how several businesses and brands are leveraging North Social’s Facebook apps for e-commerce:

Deal Share app: Activate a group deal on Facebook without the fees. You set the number of registrations required to unlock the discount and watch your deal go viral. Read how The California Wine Club gained new customers and thousands of new fans using this powerful app.

Photo Showcase app: Promote your products with huge images and create an eye-catching catalog within your page. Add a “Buy Now” button to each image so you can convert your browsing fans into paying customers. This app is a favorite of lifestyle brands like Sanuk who use it to promote new and seasonal products.

Show & Sell app: Use this simple app to launch a mini-store within your page, displaying images, descriptions, and a linkable “Buy Now” button for up to 10 items. Viral functionality of the app ensures your products are spread wide, increasing sales, and social engagement with your brand.

Facebook fans of a brand spend on average $71.84 more per year than a non-fan. Your dot-com store may be only a few clicks away, but a point-of-sale missing from your Facebook page is a dollar missing from your bottom line.

How much money are you leaving on the table? Visit NorthSocial.com to start selling on Facebook today.