3 UK, O2 Merge UGC Services

Rival UK mobile operators 3 UK and O2 have agreed to combine their user-generated content services and make the resultant offering available to all mobile users in the UK, no matter whose service they use, telecoms.com reports.

LookAtMeWideNew.gifThe transition should be pretty easy because both 3’s SeeMeTV and O2’s LookAtMe are built on the same platform from Yospace.

Dubbed EyeVibe, the new service will give members access to all the mobile video from other members and let them message other users and vote and comment on videos.

Currently, SeeMeTV and LookAtMe members get paid when their videos are downloaded, so it’s likely that this practice will remain in place. Combined, the two have reportedly generated 32 million paid video downloads of some 60,000 clips and have paid out over 800,000 pounds.