3 simple business steps to prepare for the 5 billion additional mobile phone Facebook users thundering your way

They’re coming. All 5 billion of them. Are you ready? Facebook and six other companies — Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Qualcomm, and Samsung — just announced that they are looking to connect 5 billion more mobile-phone users to the Internet.

Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s new endeavor is hosted at Internet.org, where he states:

Today, the Internet isn’t accessible for two-thirds of the world. Imagine a world where it connects us all.

Are you imagining this? Done imagining? OK, grand!  What’s the first thing you’re thinking?

Here’s the first thing I’m thinking: Adding 5 billion more users means a huge increase in the audience that can view Facebook mobile ads. Companies now must have targeted Facebook ads running specifically for mobile platforms so they can tap into that audience at will.

So how can you best prepare for this? So glad you asked! Follow these steps.

Make sure your brand’s Facebook page is set up

One of the best ways to use mobile ads is to take advantage of promoted/sponsored posts that direct people to your Facebook brand’s business page. Need a guide on how to do that? Visit:

Create a powerful post on your Facebook page

Think about what you’d like your mobile users to see the most regarding your business brand. Create a post about that.

Here’s a great tip: Make sure to upload an image (don’t just share the final product URL) and set the description to that final product URL. That way, when your image gets shared, your call to action link gets shared, as well. The book Facebook Demystified: The 10 Critical Components of a Viral Fan Page gives you great tips on that.

Use Facebook’s Power Editor to create an ad targeted only to mobile users

Did you know you can really hyper-focus your ad targeting and have your ad display only to mobile users?

Facebook’s Power Editor is free. You can grab it over at Facebook Power Editor. And when you’ve created your particular ad to promote your post, you can set it to display only to mobile users (and even narrow that down to particular mobile brands, as well).

More resources about that can be found at:

Need help designing Facebook ads?  Check out:

And there you have it

Three easy tips to prepare for 5 billion more mobile users on Facebook:

  1. Make sure you have your brand’s Facebook page set up.
  2. Create a powerful post on your Facebook page.
  3. Use Facebook’s Power Editor to create a Facebook ad that is targeted only to mobile users.

Sure makes business sense though, wouldn’t you say?

In closing, it’s coming, so start preparing for it today. Your business future will thank you for it.

Barbara Ling is a 17-plus-year veteran marketing entrepreneur, currently specializing in teaching others how to build a viral fan base/community online using Facebook, Pinterest, blogging, coffee (lots of coffee, or maybe tea, if that’s your preference), and more. See her Google Plus profile here.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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