3 Apps That Will Make You Love Un-Following People on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool, but many of us suffer from clogged, crowded home pages that have far too many “quotes of the day” and far too few relevant tweets. That’s where these applications come in. They make it easy (and fun!) to stop following people on Twitter. However you want to approach it – by playing an un-follow game, by doling out payback to all those who have stopped following you, or by pruning “dead” accounts – you can clean up your Twitter homepage in no time.


Have some fun while you un-follow with the iPhone and Andriod app. ChumpDump gives you Karma points for un-following people you might consider “chumps”, and also gives you points for saving those you consider worthy. It works like this: each day, ChumpDump plays the lottery with your Twitter account. It randomly selects one person and brings you a bunch of facts about their interaction with you lately. You then decide their fate: are they a chump to be dumped, or will you stick with them for a little while longer?
This game not only prunes your list, but rewards you for making it public: your “dumpees” are broadcast to your followers, who can then decide whether or not you were too harsh. Your karma keeps going up the more people you dump. If you’re looking for a way to cut back who you follow on Twitter while doing some lighthearted gaming, you should check this app out.


TwUnfollow is a simple app that checks your Twitter for those who have stopped following you. You can then choose to give them some virtual karma by unfollowing them right back. Be wary of overusing this tool, as you might begin to appear a little less than generous if you are constantly unfollowing everyone who stops following you. However, it is extremely useful if you want to check up on those types of people who follow only to get you to follow them, and subsequently unfollow you.


ManageFlitter offers the same feature as TwUnfollow in that it allows you to find out who has stopped following you. However, it also gives you the option to weed out those pesky unused accounts – people who have fallen off your radar because they don’t post anymore, but who take up space in you Following and Followers list. Getting rid of people like this can give you a smoother Twitter experience, without cluttering up space when you’re trying to sort people into lists or trying to remember who’s who.