25 Popular EA Titles Will Come to Nokia’s Lumia Windows Phones

Every piece must fall in place in what will be a defining year for the Windows Phone platform.

That includes having the right games for the platform’s flagship phone.

So it’s unsurprising to see EA and Nokia announce a deal that will bring 25 EA games to Windows Phone on Nokia’s Lumia handsets. It’s not unlike what Amazon did in brokering initial deals with developers like Rovio Mobile to seed its Android appstore with attractive titles.

According to a video on EA mobile’s YouTube account which was spotted by Pocketgamer, the lineup is a sampling of the company’s mobile portfolio and includes several EA Hasbro titles (The Game of Life, Yahtzee), some titles developed by EA’s Firemint (Spy Mouse) and some EA original games like Dead Space, Mirrors Edge and FIFA 12.  Nokia teased the announcement earlier this week when it unveiled its newest Windows Phone device, the Lumia 900, revealing one of the pre-installed apps would be a partnership with EA that would bring “20 of the world’s most popular games to the Windows Phone marketplace, coming first to Nokia Lumia devices.

EA first announced the deal in October at year’s Nokia World conference, when it revealed it would be making some of its games available for the Lumia 800 and 710 phones, but didn’t give any firm details. The deal also isn’t the first one EA and Nokia have signed to bring EA games to Nokia phones. During the Nokia World Conference EA also revealed it would be making 40 games available for free on Nokia feature phones running the Series 40 OS.

While thus far Windows Phone has failed to capture much of the smartphone market – accounting for only one percent of total smartphone sales in the fourth quarter of 2011, several analysts are predicting 2012 will be a big year for the platform.

Financial services firm Morgan Stanley is predicting Nokia will ship 37 million Windows Phones in the coming year, hopefully to feed consumer demand ignited by a joint marketing campaign between Nokia and Microsoft that is rumored to be worth more than $200 million dollars.