$233 Million Invested in 14 Mobile Health Tech Firms in 2010

mobihealthnews reported that:

Investors pumped $233M into mobile health in 2010

$233 million may seem like a relatively small investment relative to the investment and estimated value associated with other mobile technology startup ventures. However, it is noteable that this total is derived from investments in only 14 companies. The average investment value is $16.6 million with CardiMEMS accounting for 42% of the total ($97.88 million). The company behind my favorite mobile health gadget, Fitbit, is #8 on the list having gathered $7.98 million in investments last year.

My prediction is that we will see even more significant investments in mobile health technology as the large cohort of aging Baby Boomers and Gen Xers become more concerned with their health and expect and demand mobile technology for their needs.