21% Of Adults Have Read An eBook In The Last Year: Pew Research

According to a new report from Pew Research, in a survey done in February 2012, 21% of adults in the U.S. said that they had read an eBook in the last year. This was up from the 17% of adults who had reported doing so in December 2011.

The report concludes that the December 2011 holiday season in which many consumers received an eReader as a gift, has led to an increase in eBook adoption. Pew Research has more: “During that period, ownership of an e-book reader or a tablet each increased to 19% of adults, compared to 10% for each device in mid-December.”

According to the research, the average eBook reader has read 24 books in the past 12 months, while those readers who don’t read eBooks average 15 books in the past year. The report also points out that 72% of American adults had read a print book in the past year, and 11% listened to an audiobook during the same time period.

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