2012 May be the Year of NFC

The adoption of a new technology is a complicated one. Even apparent overnight successes like the iPad (introduced April 2010) may be seen as part of a larger and longer process like tablet computer adoption which had a decade long history preceding the iPad.

So, what are we to make of NFC (Near Field Communications) which provides short range wireless data interchange for tasks such as e-commerce and data exchange? The Nexus S Android phone was the first device most of us heard of with NFC built-in. Nokia announced last year that all of their 2011 phone models would feature NFC. Next up in the NFC phone game is RIM.

RIM’s Balsillie: NFC Coming to ‘Many if Not Most’ BlackBerrys This Year (PCMag.com)

There’s speculation that Apple will integrate NFC into the next iPhone which will be available this summer if Apple follows their annual iPhone refresh cycle. If this were true, all the major platforms will provide NFC support and devices sometime during 2011.

Of course, NFC in these phones won’t mean much unless there was some way to use them. Fortunately, it looks like the NFC ecommerce side of the equation appears to be shaping up nicely too. If all parties make progress in 2011, it looks like 2012 will be The Year of NFC.

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