20 Brands That Brought the Force for ‘Star Wars Day’


In case you weren’t aware, May 4th has been known as “Star Wars Day” since way back in 2011.

While the phrase “May the 4th be with you” technically entered our vernacular in 1979, it’s really just a fake holiday invented by marketers to sell Star Wars and all things related to it.

In other words, it’s like Valentine’s Day.

At any rate, quite a few brands (and some not-quite brands) took the opportunity to promote themselves to the millions who still love the franchise, and we’ve gathered some of our favorite posts after the jump.

1. Oreo

Might as well get the most obvious ones out of the way first, no? Clever as usual…

Many, many consumer consumer brands also offered their own takes.

2. Mountain Dew UK

3. Bud Light

C-3PO was more of a wine guy…

4. Jamba Juice

5. Red Bull Motors

Now that we’ve got your beverages covered, how about some snacks?

6. Hormel Bacon

7. Ruffles ruffles 8. Marmite

It’s an Australian thing you might not not understand… 

Now for lifestyle/entertainment names.

9. Vans

Someone stored their costumes very carefully. 

10. Spotify

Thankfully, the Star Wars playlist did not include anything “inspired by” the movies…

11. Sesame Street

Touche (even though your target audience is, hopefully, too young to get this joke).

Think the sports world is immune to geekery? Think again.

12. MLB Fan Cave

13. The New York Jets

He’d probably be a better Chewbacca, but don’t tell him we said that.

Now for some more serious nerds.

14. General Electric

Oh, you meant the literal force…

15. NASA

These guys rule every galaxy–be it close or far, far away.


Here’s another (cough cough) nonprofit organization that went with the theme. We’ll just say somebody knows what their fans like.NORML

17. Delta

A little Photoshop makes all the difference.

18. LinkedIn

Works, it does.

19. Google

Nice to see the big guys remembering their roots.

20. The Seattle Police Department

At least one major American city’s police force has a sense of humor.

BONUS: We got over our childhood fascination with Star Wars, but we’ll never get over stop-motion animation. On Vine, Star Wars’ own official account shared some of the best entries (like this one by Pinot, one of the network’s best artists):

So which Lucas-worthy brand posts did we miss?

@PatrickCoffee patrick.coffee@adweek.com Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.