1922 Girl Scouts Handbook Is Free eBook Of The Day

Girl Scout cookie season kicked off last week and now through March 27th, you should be able to purchase tasty treats from uniformed girls. To celebrate the tradition, today’s Free eBook of the Day is Scouting for Girls: Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts.

The eBook was originally published in 1922, so it is a great historical reference for the ideas that this organization was founded on. It’s definitely got some old ideas about gender roles, but it is not without its timeless ideals.

Here is an excerpt: “The Slogan: Do a Good Turn Daily. This simple recipe for making a very little girl perform every day some slight act of kindness for somebody else is the seed from which grows the larger plant of helping the world along – the steady attitude of the older Scout. And this grows later into the great tree of organized, practical community service for the grown Scout- the ideal of every American woman today.”

Google has the free download.

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