16-Year-Old Aussie Guitarist Captures Facebook Fame

An Aussie 16-year-old girl strumming about her Facebook woes has become somewhat famous among Australians on the social network.

An Aussie 16-year-old girl who strummed about her Facebook woes went viral over the weekend among Australians on the popular social networking site.

Madelaine Zammit of Adelaide of Adelaide, South Australia wrote the song three months ago and first posted a video of it YouTube at the beginning of June; people subsequently shared the clip on Facebook and she’s become a hit in her home country.

The video depicts the school girl playing her folk guitar, singing the song in a rhythmically staccato fashion. The cutesy musical composition showcasing Zammit’s unique style and quality playing in a manner that is appealing has thus far garnered her nearly 7,000 likes on her Facebook page.

Facebook viewers are apparently drawn to what the young teen has to say lyrically. Supporters have posted on her wall such positive comments as:

  • “Absolutely brilliant! Gotta love the classical finger picking and your upbeat rhythm. Keep it up and you’ll go far!”
  • “I’d like to high five you now ’cause your song’s brilliant.”
  • “Awesome Madelaine Zammit.”

Zammit strums about the things that typical peers go through on the social networking site. In one instance she sings about being friended by a 40 year-old-man and in another, she criticizes her peer female spotlight hounds for “posting photos of them[selves] wearing nothing but their extensions.”

According to Zammit’s manager and close friend Sam Helyard, told the Sydney Morning Herald that she became “hysterical with excitement” when she heard the news about the swelling popularity of her video. Apparently she has five other songs under her belt but plans to finish high school before pursuing a musical career any further.

We’ve embedded a copy of her video below. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section.