16 Kindle Lending Library Titles Were Bestsellers In March

Martin Crosbie, the author of My Temporary Life earned more than $45,000 in one month from paid sales and loans from the Kindle Store during the month of March.

Crosbie credited the sales, which very much surpassed his $100 in income from February and January, to letting his book be available in the Kindle Lending Library. Crosbie stated: “Because of Amazon, and KDP Select in particular, I can now call myself an author – before my experience with this program that was only a dream. Through KDP Select, I have been able to get my work to thousands and thousands of readers quickly and effectively. My experience with KDP Select is truly life-changing.”

According to Amazon, 16 of its 100 top selling Kindle books during the month of March were eBooks that are exclusive to the Kindle Store, as well as available for Amazon Prime members to borrow for free through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. When tracking sales of these eBooks, Amazon only counts the ones that were paid for and doesn’t include borrowed units.

The bestsellers also include titles by independent authors T.R. Ragan and A.K. Alexander. The bestsellers also include Kindle Singles, such as An Unexpected Twist by Andy Borowitz and Bearded Lady by Mara Altman and Easily Amused by Karen McQuestion.

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