15 Most Engaged Pages On Facebook

Fangager's ranking shows that having a large number of Facebook fans doesn't translate into having a high engagement rate.

How do you measure engagement on Facebook? New York startup Fangager has one way to do it, and you can see a ranking based on that below.

Fangager supplied Wired News with a preview of the 15 most engaging pages on Facebook, based on February 2011 activity; the consultancy plans to release a ranking of the top 100 later today.

These rankings show that simply having a large number of fans doesn’t translate into having a high engagement rate. That seems to correspond with many brands’ focusing on the number of likes rather than addressing how to get repeat visits that also involve more time per session.

We’re looking forward to seeing the full-sized ranking, and are pleased by the fact that Fangager plans to update rankings on a monthly basis.

What do you think about the 15 most engaged pages and how they compare to the ones with the most fans?