14 Brands Want to Remind You That It’s Pi Day


If you’ve ever written a social media calendar for any client brands, you know that comprehensive lists of every single obscure holiday are essential tools. Why? Because it’s surprisingly challenging to make, say, bottled water sound interesting every day on Facebook and Twitter.

That’s why—as other blogs may have already reminded you—pretty much every brand imaginable has created some sort of Pi Day social media post.

Here, then, are a few that stood out to us.

The most obvious participants would be pizza brands, right? Not so much. Domino’s doesn’t really seem to be feeling this one.

Pizza Hut is the only red sauce brand to turn it into a direct promo:

But General Electric used the day (with cheese) to remind us once again that it’s good at Vine:

Here’s one of many, many obvious entries on the sweeter side of the pie equation:

And then some completely unrelated food and beverage brands seizing on the opportunity:

Endless soup sounds great. Endless vodka? Not so much:

Far too many brands we won’t post here sort-of quoted Rebecca Black, while others basically said “screw it”:

And even pet food companies got in on the theme:

milk bone

Now for the brands that have absolutely nothing to do with food. Nice quip here from Kate Spade:

But what about games?


Yes, sports teams got involved too. We think we can safely say the Buffalo Bills won this round:

On the social good front, you have to appreciate how AT&T actually linked to a math-related initiative:

But what does Greenpeace and its bike have to do with math? We’re not sure!

Because we like it, here’s the Mythbusters take:

…and the only “pies in the face” clip you need to see via the real-life mathematicians at MIT:

Now which of these make you more likely to follow and/or spend money on the businesses responsible?

In summary: copywriting is not as easy as it looks.