14 Brands That Got a Little Creative for Independence Day


Independence Day can be a tough one. Everyone’s almost required to mention it somehow, but there’s only so much you can really say on your brand’s behalf.

When the kings of real-time keep things contained, you know it’s time to be very subtle with your messaging.

Still, the holiday did facilitate some creativity on behalf of various accounts, which we listed after the jump.

1. Fox Soccer

Did you even know there was a Fox Soccer? Original take on a common meme:

2. Salem

Nice twist on a theme to promote a show about…wait, what’s this show about? We’re guessing witches.

3. The Richard Nixon Foundation

Sometimes one has to laugh at a super-serious group’s ability to make fun of itself. They are making fun of themselves, right?

4. Fernet Branca

Company that makes bitters didn’t even need to add an eagle to its graphics.


5. Life Is Good

Technically, this message is about as generic as one can possibly be. But doesn’t it fit well with the brand’s “whatever you want it to mean” message?

6. The National Gallery of Art

We love this whole “context” thing.

7. Intel 

We saw several variations on this theme, but it again it is definitely in keeping with the brand.

8. GE

Here’s another:

9. Frommer’s

Do you ever wonder how other countries celebrate our Independence Day? Here’s a slideshow!

 10. The L.A. County Sheriff

Some law enforcement groups (which are not really “brands” but you get it) made some friendly reminders:

11. Sonic Drive-In

But their advice was obviously lost on this guy:

A little repetitive, but we got it.

12. Stride Gum

We like “sky-mouth” for the dash.


13. Climate Reality

Now for the requisite downer:

That’s definitely a different take. Finally:

14. Stay Puft

Did you even know these guys were real? Neither did we.

And now for the most important question: who did we miss?