12seconds' Clever iPhone App

Application developers like 12seconds can’t yet tie in the iPhone’s video capabilities, so what’s a video-based service to do? Since 12seconds.tv has taken the Twitter model and applied it to video updates, it’s almost necessary for the company to have a viable mobile accompaniment for users that are always on the go.

Having used mobile devices like the Nokia N95, I’ve grown to appreciate the video capabilities that connect me to the web and the communities I’ve become partial towards. So as 12seconds emerges from its beta test phase, it’s been interesting and encouraging to see the workaround its development team has come up with to appeal to iPhone users.

Instead of a video recording that updates to your 12seconds account, you get to select a handful of photos that will be converted into a slideshow on 12seconds. Attach an audio recording and you’ve got the closest thing to a video that Apple’s SDK will allow, for the time being. Thankfully, 12seconds has also made the interface and process for selecting photos and creating an audio recording as painless as possible, so it’s not even as daunting as it seems.

The new iPhone app, which will run you 99 cents, is a great entrant for 12seconds into the dominating mobile market. I think this was a very important move for 12seconds to make, and its inclusion really speaks to the company’s dedication to its initial product road map and potential as a leading application.