$100,000 Apple Tablet Bounty Hunt

Here’s some Apple tablet news you can use: The Gawker blog Valleywag is offering up to $100,000 for concrete evidence of the existence of the Apple tablet. The blog says it will pay $10,000 for photos, $20,000 for video, $50,000 for a a shot of Steve Jobs holding one, or $100,000 for getting an actual tablet that the blog can play wiht for an hour.

Here’s more from Valleywag: “Apple has said absolutely nothing about its tablet, but everyone expects it to be unveiled in San Francisco on Jan. 27. So, that gives you to two weeks to play in Valleywag’s Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt: If you can find the first genuine photos, video or — the holy grail — the actual messiah machine itself before then and they’re exclusive to us, we’ll give you a cash prize. We’ve even drawn up the helpful menu above.”

The blog also says it won’t pay until after the tablet is officially announced, meaning if you send them fakes, they’ll find out and won’t pay. So…start scaling the walls at Apple HQ.