10 Takes on The Daily

When News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch unveiled his new iPad newspaper, The Daily, on Feb. 2, he declared it “will be the model for how stories will be told and consumed.” If The Daily represents the future of journalism, it may be time for a whole bunch of reporters to start thinking about law school.

Sure, it’s awfully early, but critics are lining up to express their disappointment. For one thing, The Daily has been beleaguered by technical bugs—it takes eons to load and crashes frequently (News Corp. says it’s working on the issues). But far worse, say some, is that Murdoch and his team were so fixated on being first to launch a tablet newspaper (spending $30 million to do so) and so consumed with design that they forgot to establish a voice despite hiring a slew of veteran reporters. The lack of must-read content appears evident to Daily editor-in-chief Jesse Angelo, who last week sent out a memo urging staffers to “get in front of a story and make it ours—force the rest of the media to follow us.”

The problem is, the media world—along with tons of iPad devotees—have been following The Daily all along, and may have already made up their minds. We asked some key observers for their take.