10 Ingenious Charging Devices to Keep Your Phone Alive Anywhere

Are you constantly checking the battery level of your phone? Do you have a tiny panic attack when it dips below 20 percent? You’re not alone— many suffer from “nomophobia,” an abbreviation of “no mobile phone phobia,” which basically means you fear being without your phone or being unable to use it. Luckily, there’s an entire shoulder industry built around keeping even the most voracious mobile consumer powered up. The charging industry is built on a simple premise: battery technology can’t keep up with the demand of the exponentially evolving processors.

Anton Ljunggren, director of industrial design at BioLite, explains. “Our mobile energy needs are quickly growing. Simultaneously, our devices are getting increasingly thinner and lighter,” he says. “While batteries have improved, the promised breakthroughs of super capacitors and organic cells that would dramatically increase energy density, charge speed and cycle time mostly remain promises without fruition.”

From the pragmatic to the extraordinary to the absurd, these devices will help you stay powered up. Take heart, nomophobes! Adweek’s got you covered.


Goal Zero

Guide 10 Plus Solar Kit

Here’s one that’ll get you that extra juice when you’re really stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Harness the sun’s magical powers to charge either your USB powered device or a set of AA or AAA batteries. This might be the only power source you need on your Appalachian Trail hike, and it folds up to about the size of an iPad.



1. PowerLight

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based BioLite has several no- brainer choices for the camper or survivalist. Debuting at CES is the newest member of the family: a 3-in-1 USB PowerBank, custom edge-lit lantern and torch that also connects to SightLights (not pictured), a daisy-chain system of lights that plug into the PowerLight and create up to 40 feet of functional, directable ambient light. Perfect for a campsite, emergency situation or bug-out bag.

2. CampStove

The crown jewel of its product line can burn twigs, leaves or sticks inside to convert clean heat energy to phone fuel via an onboard thermoelectric generator. It’ll even provide enough heat to cook. The CampStove has been used around the world, ranging from providing energy to families in developing countries to even power-deprived New Yorkers in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.


Assorted Chargers

1. Anker Astro E6

If you’re looking to charge your device for a few days without access to an outlet, this one might be your choice, as it packs enough juice to charge tablets and phones several times over. With a 20800 mAh rating, it’s the highest capacity charger in our roundup—but also the heaviest.

2. Jackery Giant

The No. 1 seller in its class on Amazon, this one is the best bang for the buck. Small enough to toss in your bag (but it won’t fit the pocket of your jeans), this should refill your phone’s battery five or six times.

3. Coocheer Wireless Charger Inductive Charging Pad Station

A relative newcomer to the charging space, this device uses Qi technology, a wireless charging standard that aims to liberate you from hardwired connections. Your phone needs to contain Qi for this to be of use (which includes everyone save the iPhone at this point), but expect to see this technology take off. Just put your phone within inches, and charge away.

4. Slimger
$54/2 pack

This credit card-size–currently in development and available for backing on Ingiegogo–is our thinnest entry. You'll surely blow your friend's mind when you pull this out of you wallet and save his day. It comes in multiple colors and either iPhone or mini USB. Will be available in 2015.


Tommy Hilfiger

Solar Panel Jacket

Available in men’s and women’s styles, this outer garment is perfect for the fashion-conscious nomophobe. Though it is pricey, half of all net proceeds support the Fresh Air Fund, which provides free summer experiences to New York City kids from low-income communities. The solar panels interface with a Pavilion charging system and will charge a phone on a day’s worth of sunlight.




A winner of a 2015 CES Innovation Award, the AMPL Smartbag can charge most devices up to and including a laptop. This thing has USB ports in virtually every crevasse and even has an app that will monitor the charge levels of the devices inside. Perhaps more importantly, it’ll also tell you if you forgot your bag at the bar. Will be available in 2015.



Fuel Micro Charger

The smallest of the lot, this little guy will charge your cellphone in an emergency. Resembling a tiny gasoline can, it’ll save you in a pinch, but don’t expect to get more than 5 percent battery life for a short call to get yourself back on the grid. Actual size: 2.4 cm x 3.5 cm x 1.2 cm.