10 Hilarious Reactions to WikiLeaks on Twitter

The cables being released by WikiLeaks and the legal, political, and financial implications they hold for the world are serious business, but even in light of challenges to democracy we’ve got to be able to laugh a little. Here are ten hilarious reactions to WikiLeaks on Twitter for a little afternoon diversion from all this seriousness.

Statistics can be alarming

I wonder why they make the connection…

Decentralize everything

Assange would probably agree with you there, although it sometimes seems like he likes the spotlight.

‘Tis the season for random acts of kindness

That Anonymous group is really bringing goodwill to all.

The FTA is never safe on Twitter

Those scanners reveal more than most of us are willing to share, it seems.

Gotham’s hero has a say

Insight into Batman’s psyche – looks like he has as many conflicting responses to WikiLeaks as the rest of us!


MasterCard’s formula put to good use.

That’ll show ’em

Oh the irony!

Protests of days gone by…

Whatever happened to good ol’ fashioned pitchforks and torches? Those really were the days, weren’t they?

Fail whale is on a rampage

First Google’s eBooks, now WikiLeaks’ tweets… when will the blubbery madness stop?

Santa’s watching you a lot harder this year

Naughty or nice, insiders say Santa’s database might be the next one to be leaked to WikiLeaks.