10-Finger Touch Screens on Their Way – I Hope They’re NOT for Phones

From Venturebeat…

Synaptics moves to cell phones with 10-finger touch screens

Um, 10 fingers and a touch screen on a phone. That must be an awfully big phone. And, anything that needs 10 fingers to use is probably way too complicated. On the other hand, it would be an interesting way to work on a tablet sized computer. The possibilities for virtual musical instruments (if some kind of tactile feedback is available) would be huge. But, on a phone? That would be overkill. In fact, I like the non-touch Windows Mobile Standard Edition phones and would be very interested in a non-touch Android based phone with a QWERTY thumb keyboard and trackball.

I wonder if this 10-finger touch screen will end up in Apple’s rumored netbook-category killer device?