10 Brands That Tried to Newsjack the #AppleLive Event

Apple Store 2

Different brands used yesterday’s Apple product launch in different ways: Samsung ran sponsored tweets to try and draw attention away from its competitor while Snapchat took the opportunity to ensure that a very unflattering press release received as little attention as possible.

Quite a few brands, however, saw it as an opportunity for some not-quite-real-time marketing to try and break through the 2.4 million tweets about the event.

They entered the social conversation with varying degrees of success (in no particular order).

1. Denny’s

First comes the undisputed winner, which co-opted Apple’s scheduling visual.

2. Zappos

The shoes-n-stuff retailer got in on the story with this parody clip, originally shared on Twitter and Facebook:

3. The Ellen Show

Ellen’s social media manager restated what we’re all thinking: why do we need smartwatches, again?

4. McDonald’s

Without a catchy angle, though, even Apple’s partners failed to get attention.

5. Ford

Some brands were a bit more indirect. Ford didn’t even use the approved hashtag!

6. Chili’s

Other brands scored some slick visual puns, reinforcing the fact that real-time marketing actually requires a good bit of prep work.

7. Dairy Queen

Here’s one that somehow seems both prepared and spur-of-the-moment. We like.

8. Crest

Others ran with the basic tie-real-apple-to-product theme.

9. Glad

Here’s another one.

Ellen and Denny’s were the only clear breakouts, though we did love the Chili’s image. Even the perennial winner was a little less clever than usual:

10. Oreo

Nice copy, though.