10 Awesome Tips To Skyrocket Your Social Media ROI

There's a lot of BS out there about measuring the ROI of social media, so here are ten practical bits of advice you can act on now.

(The following is a guest post from Maggie Robinson, co-founder of Frostbox, on ways to help optimize the ROI of your social media efforts.)

“Create it and they will come” may work in some businesses, but unless you do the legwork, you can rarely count on it when it comes to social media marketing. Creating a Facebook Page and setting up a Twitter account is not enough these days to be seen and cut through the white noise of brands in your chosen field. On the other hand, we can barely find a successful business these days without a social presence, and social media marketing is now a critical component of a comprehensive marketing strategy, but not all of us know where to begin. This is why it’s important to develop a strategic social media marketing plan and consistently follow the guidelines to build your audience and find brand ambassadors.

Your social media marketing plan needs to specify the vision for your business and solidify your mission. You need to outline what you want to accomplish, define your target client and describe what makes you different and unique as a business.

To attract and engage your potential future clients via social media channels, you need well-defined strategy. Here are some points you should consider when building your social marketing plan.

1. Define Your Social Media Goals.

You may use social media mainly to provide customer support, or to gain exposure to your brand or to get leads. You may also use it to promote specific product or a service. You will not accomplish any of those goals without identifying them. Your goals however need to be directly connected to your fans / followers and users’ goals. You may want to share each end every blog post on your Facebook Page, but if your followers rarely interact with your text posts, yet respond actively to images and videos, it may be time to rethink your strategy.

What problems do your customers face? Can you solve those via social media channels? How can you add value while sticking to your defined goals? Answer those questions before moving forward.

2. Which Social Media Channel Should I Get On?

Only set up the accounts you can handle. Spreading yourself too thinly won’t do anyone a favor. There is nothing worse than seeing a brand account with 3-4 followers on Pinterest and 40,000 on Twitter (believe it or not, some people do check this stuff). Immediately it looks like you have bought your followers on Fiverr.com

Make sure you choose social channels that resonate with your business offering. Are you promoting / building your brand around something visual? In that case Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram are your best bets, since they all concentrate on presenting your product in the best light, and don’t require a lot of copy writing, which can be tough when you are trying to describe objects. There is only so much exciting stuff you can write about handbags, but images? We can look at them all day long. The best way to figure out which social channel is best for you is to ask your customers! Survey your customers about which platform they use the most. You want to be where they are.

3. Who Should Run Your Social Media Marketing?

After the HMV drama (Where an intern got very annoyed and started tweeting about staff terminations and the office closure) you may think twice before giving anyone access to your social media passwords. Unfortunately if you are the owner, GM or CEO, you may not always have enough time to manage social media channels effectively. To do it well, requires a considerable amount of time and passion, considerable amount of sense of humor, basic knowledge and common sense.

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