United Nations Enlists Parkour Pro in Anti-Pollution PSA

Campaign by AMV BBDO follows Georgia Munroe as she flees the seemingly inescapable


LONDON—Most people know what air pollution is and that it can have serious implications for the environment, global warming and human health. But it’s quite hard to picture the noxious, mostly translucent gases in a tangible way.

To bring the dangers of air pollution into focus, AMV BBDO in London has created a new digital campaign, in partnership with Grain Media and YouTube, for the United Nations. The effort reimagines pollution as a purple, choking cloud of fog and smoke in a dystopian city.

The agency enlisted British parkour and free-running professional Georgia Munroe to star in a set of five short sequential films that see her attempt to outrun air pollution in a high-octane chase.

The central message of the campaign, which supports the UN’s climate action drive, is: “You can run from air pollution, but you can’t hide.” 

Producer: Matt Wenham
Executive producer: Chloe Leland
Production manager: Olivia Ballard
Director of photography: Richard Jephcote
AC: Juan Minotta
Sound recordist: Francesco Corrazi
VFX project supervisor: Alex Grey
VFX producers: Semley Wilkinson and Helen Tang
Special effects: Artem
Special effects experts: Ritchie Beacham-Paterson; Ryan Crew; Josh Seatherton
Makeup artist: Nikki Palmer
Coordinator: Sarah Wildlash 
Runners: Vidhu Matety and Deshawn Hillman
Location: Tom Kelly – Bold Tendencies / Femi Boye – Peckham Levels
VFX: Untold
VFX artist: Alex Grey
Telecine: The Mill
DI colorist: James Bandford
Color producers: Charlie Morris, Chris Morris
Music: Aisling Brouwer
Sound design: Harry Timson
Head of production: Adam Mitchenall 
Head of post production For Grain Media: Amelia Franklin 
Production manager: Caroline Lai
Creative directors: Toby Allen, Jim Hilson
Creatives: Ben Polkinghorne, Scott Kelly
Board account director: Jessica Harvey
Creative producer: Anita Sasdy.

@saramayspary sara.spary@adweek.com Sara Spary is a freelance journalist based in London. She's been a reporter for eight years, covering advertising and consumer brands.