This Satirical Video Game Takes Aim at Gun Lobbyists

Brady organization’s 'League of Legislators' urges congressional action

Brady Foundation, Juniper Park/TBWA
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Following a pair of mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, last month, some conservative lawmakers pinned the blame on video games, a familiar talking point for at least a generation.

A new campaign from anti-gun violence organization Brady (formerly the Brady Campaign & Center to Prevent Gun Violence) called “League of Legislators” mocks the idea of blaming gun violence on video games with a video game of its own. Created by Toronto agency Juniper Park\TBWA, the platform game asks you to play as a representative attempting to pass gun reform legislation in Washington while dodging gun lobbyists and bribes.

“With League of Legislators, we subverted the narrative that violent video games cause gun violence, to make the point that what’s really needed is congressional action,” Juniper Park\TBWA CCO Graham Lang said. “By sharing this game through social media, we’re giving people the opportunity to put pressure on political leaders to do what’s right.”

The game asks you to play as a representative attempting to pass gun reform legislation while dodging gun lobbyists and bribes.

If players fail to navigate the game’s obstacles, they get “corrupted” and have to pick up from where they left off. After beating the game they are met with the message, “Congratulations! You did your job. Now send this game to a member of Congress and tell them to do theirs.”

“The message of this game is clear: If video games can cause gun violence, then they can end it as well! Bottom line, guns, not games, are the issue. If we want a safer America, we need Congress to take action and sign common-sense, evidence-based gun safety legislation,” Brady president Kris Brown said in a statement. “Our elected leaders need to do their jobs and stop pushing harmful rhetoric that inaccurately portrays the source of gun violence in America. Our lives are literally in their hands.”

It’s not the only recent campaign to find an attention-grabbing way to address the issue of gun reform. Three anonymous creatives recently created a vaping device shaped like a handgun to point out what they call “regulatory hypocrisy.”


Copywriter: Sucheta Shankar, Juniper Park\TBWA
Art Director: Crystal Lee, Juniper Park\TBWA
Designer: Adam Damiani, Juniper Park\TBWA
Senior Developer: Kevin Ko, Juniper Park\TBWA
Associate Creative Director: TJ Arch, Juniper Park\TBWA
Associate Creative Director: Clayton Needham, Juniper Park\TBWA
Executive Creative Director: Jenny Glover, Juniper Park\TBWA
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Lang, Juniper Park\TBWA
Director of Digital and Broadcast Production: Nancy Rak-Swales, Juniper Park\TBWA
Communications Manager: Josh Burleton, Juniper Park\TBWA
Audio Director: Steve Gadsden, TA2 Sound + Music
Sound Design: Josh Mancuso and Charles Rosenberg, TA2 Sound + Music
Musical Arrangement: Oliver Wickham, TA2 Sound + Music

@ErikDOster Erik Oster is an agencies reporter for Adweek.