SodaStream Calls for an End to Plastic With a Singing Animated Turtle Who’s Voiced by Rod Stewart

They also launched a new website to further their mission

Thor Bjornsson, of Game of Thrones fame, appears with a turtle voiced by Rod Stewart in a new SodaStream spot. SodaStream
Headshot of Kristina Monllos

SodaStream has enlisted an animated turtle voiced by Sir Rod Stewart—who is also wearing what appears to be a toupe of straws shaped like Sir Rod Stewart’s hair—as well as Game of Thrones’ actor Thor Bjornsson to ask you to please stop using disposable plastic bottles for the sake of the planet and the life on it.

The 90-second spot, which seems to be a nod to Coca-Cola’s famous Hilltop ad (young people on a hill singing and hoping for a better world), is strange yet amusing. The imagery is certainly compelling: said singers are on a hill of plastic bottles; the turtle who is, for some reason, carried around by Bjornsson at all times; seals diving in and out of the plastic mound while the humans on the mound are not bothered by the seals slithering below.

Considering SodaStream’s ongoing mission to rid the world of excess plastic, the ad, which was created by SodaStream’s in-house team, is a logical creative endeavor. And with lyrics like “Will piles of trash and poisoned seas/Be our legacy?/Our kids deserve much more than that/A world—pollution free,” it’s easy to watch the spot and want to buy in, even if that mission isn’t completely altruistic or realistic. (Remember, changing consumer habits certainly helps, but it’s large corporations that will need to make sweeping changes to really make a difference.) 

“Plastic has become a pandemic threat with its impact upon human health still unknown, but with devastating environmental consequences to our oceans and marine life,” said SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum in a statement. “In this campaign, we wanted to give a voice to marine animals and, together with them, encourage people and corporations to switch from single-use plastic to reusable packaging.” 

SodaStream has also launched a new website,, which asks consumers to stop using single-use plastics. 


Creative and lyrics: SodaStream and Alon Seifert 

Director: Eli Sverdlov

Music: Tomer Biran 

Production: Borax

Animation: Snowball fxv

@KristinaMonllos Kristina Monllos is a senior editor for Adweek.