Kraft Dinner Apologizes for 'Fork Up' in Spoon-Friendly Campaign

AOR Rethink helps the brand appeal to Canadian 'spoon eaters'

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It’s impossible to say what circa-1000 B.C. genius invented the handy spoon, but there is no denying that they did a major service to humanity. Here’s to them, whoever they were. Their impact has been nothing short of legendary.

It is in acknowledgment of the mighty spoon that Kraft Dinner (KD) has launched a new campaign. Developed by AOR Rethink and featuring Carat on media, The Kitchen managing social and Middle Child leading PR, the brand initiative taps into consumer surveys to determine that, by and far, Canadians prefer to eat KD with a spoon rather than a fork.

Utilizing debates around whether to eat Kraft Dinner with a spoon or fork as a jumping-off point, the campaign leans into data indicating that of the 80% of Canadians who eat KD, nearly half use a spoon despite packaging featuring a forkful of KD.

To each their own

With these estimated 13 million Canadian spoon eaters in mind, KD is correcting the fork bias of its packaging, offering a limited edition take on its classic blue box. Some of the KD boxes appearing on shelves across the country will now feature spoons rather than forks. The brand is also launching a tongue-in-cheek “apology” in The Globe and Mail.

In a comical online video, the brand shows several consumers making their points about why they prefer a fork or spoon. When presented with the spoon box, some are thrilled, while others take the news as an affront, with one jokingly asking, “Are you trying to trigger me right now?” Still, as they each dig in, they discover that it tastes the same no matter what.

“As Canada’s official unofficial national dish, we are committed to providing new and existing consumers with unique and innovative ways to enjoy KD,” said Jerome Skeene, brand manager for Kraft Dinner, in a statement.

“After recognizing our ‘fork up’ and uncovering the divide between spoon and fork eaters, we were able to tap into this consumer truth that nearly half of our consumers prefer to scoop vs. spear, and provide Canadians with an opportunity to eat KD their way,” Skeene continued.

The spoon lovers box launched in grocery stores across Canada on March 6. The campaign is supported by OOH in downtown Toronto alongside social media and influencer elements.

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