If This Year’s Starbucks Holiday Cups Are Controversial, It Will Be Your Fault

Coffee chain unveils packaging you can draw on

You want Christmas? Starbucks has your Christmas.

The holiday season of 2015 was marked by controversy over Starbucks’ plain red cup, devoid of Christmas cheer. It was, purportedly, a sign of a war on Christmas and persecution of anyone who celebrates it. One pastor notably claimed that Starbucks removed “Christmas from their cups because they hate Jesus.”

Last year’s Starbucks holiday cups had more wintry cheer to the tune of snowflakes and evergreen trees.

But this year, your Christmas will not be denied, Pastor. The brand-new cups feature ornaments, presents and a Christmas tree. They’re also interactive—the promo video below encourages you to draw on the cup. “How you make it special is up to you,” says the copy.

Even just drawing on Starbucks cups has been controversial in the past. But with the new design, Starbucks clearly absolves itself of any potential wrongdoing. And if you draw something provocative, well, that’s on you.

One less controversy on Twitter, but the day is young.

Roo Powell is freelance contributor to Adweek.