Everything Is Better With Creators Joins the Adweek Podcast Network

Presented by Whalar, this podcast takes a deep dive into all things creator economy

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The creator economy has arrived, and there’s no turning back. Whalar, a creator commerce company that is powering the creator economy by working with brands, influential creators and the leading social platforms to drive growth for all, has launched one of today’s most popular podcasts for the booming creator economy. 

Today, there are more than 50 million creators worldwide, with more than two million professional creators now earning enough from their passion to consider it a full-time job. This explosion of innovation and creativity has changed the entire media and marketing landscape, disrupting how brands connect with audiences, plan media and create must-see content. 

Whalar’s Everything Is Better With Creators podcast is for brands, marketers, talent, and platforms who are creator-curious and want to better understand how the Creator Economy is impacting the global business landscape. Hosted by Whalar’s head of creators Ashley Rudder, chief client officer Emma Harman and global CMO Jamie Gutfreund. Each week they chat with innovators, creators, social platforms and business executives who are truly shaping the future of marketing and business within the evolving creator economy. 

Each Thursday morning, we tap into industry experts to discuss today’s hottest topics around the Creator Economy, from learnings on NFTs, metaverse experts, gaming giants, and of course, in-depth interviews with your favorite creators. A few recent guests include:

  • The Information creator economy reporter, Kaya Yurieff
  • 3PAS Chief Business Officer and Encantos co-founder, Steven Wolfe Pereira
  • TikTok’s global head of agency and accounts, Khartoon Weiss, and global head of operations, TikTok creator marketing solutions, Adrienne Lahens
  • Robyn DelMonte, aka @GirlbossTown 
  • Operating partner of TCG and previous Nike gm, NbG and senior director of Gen Z digital innovation, Michelle Goad
  • Whalar chairman and industry legend, Sir John Hegarty
  • Music producer and music NFT expert, “TommyD” Asher Danvers
  • Meta’s head of creator innovations and solutions of EMEA, Becky Owen
  • The Washington Post’s TikTok guy, Dave Jorgenson
  • Disabled model and content creator, Shelby Lynch
  • Body positivity model and actress, NikkiG
  • Chris Equale, Hamy & Olivia pet content creator
  • Disability rights activist and author, Judy Heumann 
  • Adweek’s very own chief content officer, Ann Marinovich 

Don’t miss out on the latest creator economy insights and the tea on trends:

  • In 2022, Whalar joined forces with C Talent, a disabled-led, award-winning talent management and consultancy company representing high-profile deaf and disabled talent. So every third Thursday of the month, join us for our Everything Is Better With Creators x #BeyondDisability episodes.
  • Our podcast is on a mission to change the way people view and define deafness and disability using the very media and entertainment industries that have ignored and distorted their voices and lived experiences. Host Ashley Rudder chats with disabled creators to raise awareness on disability-related topics in the creator economy. From fashion inclusivity, disability advocacy, clapping back against ableism through social media, and disability history. 
  • #BeyondDisability episodes will also be available to watch on Whalar’s YouTube channel. On our Whalar YouTube channel.
  • To get a sneak peek of our latest episodes, check out our Everything Is Better With Creators Pass the Mic promo videos on Whalar’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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