ZenithOptimedia Offers New ‘Live ROI’ Set of Data Tools

Part of a new global rebrand

As part of a revamped “Live ROI’ global positioning, ZenithOptimedia is offering a new suite of tools to give marketers immediate insights from data platforms for sales, digital and consumer behavior—allowing for live responses to client marketing initiatives.

At a two-day conference in Las Vegas this week, ZenithOptimedia managers will become aquainted with the new tools, processes and development programs. As part of the overall effort, the Publicis Groupe media network is also rolling out a new corporate identity rebrand across its 250 offices worldwide, which encompasses all ZenithOptimedia Group companies.

"This recognizes we now live in a real-time media world where we can look live at what consumers are doing through search, social and consumer panels," said Tim Jones, CEO of ZenithOptimedia North America. We can get data back instantaneously—search and social habits are immediate, or at least almost certainly within 24 hours. So we’re not having to use old research, which can be six months or two years old."

Jones said that the company wants "to pull consumers in and interact with them." 

"Having a Twitter feed or bringing them to our Facebook site and having them run video content about the brand is all live engagement," he said. "We can then measure that impact and change on the hoof. If we see one particular ad we are running is working better than another one, we can change it and we can do that in digital media immediately. But it’s not just the Internet, it’s out-of-home, mobile, and increasingly through addressable media on what we classically call TV."

The new tools include both existing and proprietary ZenithOptimedia resources including Touchpoints ROI Tracker, a large database of consumer influence across paid, owned and earned touchpoints and Socialtools, which tracks the performance of brand pages on Facebook through live dashboards that show metrics like the number of fans, comments and engagement rates for each brand page as well as competitive comparisons across multiple pages.

As for the corporate identity redesign, although ZenithOptimedia is retaining its signature blue logo color and the subtext “The ROI Agency,” which appears under its logo, the company has added an updated peak symbol and bolder look. In addition, the previously disparate logos of all of the company’s other operating units are now using the same typeface as the parent organization and will distinguish themselves through the use of additional accent colors and symbols.

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