Wyse Puts Purell Back on Air

After a two-year hiatus from TV and radio, Gojo Industries has returned to advertising for Purell hand sanitizer brand with a radio campaign from Wyse Advertising.

The Cleveland shop’s ads break on network radio later this month and are aimed at mothers with children under 12. To that end, copy features words from children to which only an experienced parent could relate.

“Mom, why do hamsters pee when you squeeze them?” a youngster says in one spot. “Mom, is this bird dead?” a child queries in another.

“It’s outrageous enough that it’s going to get attention, but focused so that it really speaks to that mom,” said Sharon Hinman, senior vice president and creative director at Wyse.

Interspersed with the chatter from kids is an announcer who suggests that putting some Purell in the backpack is a good way to keep offspring free from germs. “Go with it,” is the tag at the end of each spot.

Gojo launched a TV campaign from Cramer-Krasselt in Chicago in December 1998 tagged, “To help stay well, Purell,” but has not done any broadcast since then, said Sandy Katz, vice president of the consumer group at Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio-based Gojo.

While the TV effort boosted sales, “the business didn’t grow as quickly as we’d hoped,” Katz said. “We had invested pretty heavily for a couple years.”

The radio campaign from Wyse is seen as a way to better target mothers of children under 12 and achieve a higher frequency, Katz said.

Gojo spent nearly $2 million in 1999 but spending last year was under $500,000, according to CMR.