Workhorse Breaks Mshow Ads offers tick-ets to its four-times weekly live online presentations in a campaign from the Colorado company’s new agency, Workhorse Advertising.

Mshow, Highlands Ranch, Colo., offers companies the ability to hold interactive Web conferencing for up to 10,000 potential customers.

The company formerly had its advertising at The Richards Group in Dallas, but moved it to Workhorse, a Boulder, Colo., startup, after that agency completed several projects then presented the concept for the current campaign, said Matt Neren, a co-founder of the shop.

Workhorse’s print ads broke last week in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and the Houston Chronicle. The ads are designed as “kind of a direct approach” to generate leads for Mshow’s sales force, Neren said.

“This is the be-ginning of a discussion, asking them to take 20 minutes to learn about Mshow,” Neren said.

The ads are aimed at marketing executives for companies and corporations interested in using the Web for purposes such as training, sales and financial roadshows, Neren said.

A brand campaign is set for early next year. Spending is estimated in the seven figure range.