Women at NBCU Releases Sept. Brand Index

In its latest reports on women and brands, Women at NBCU has unveiled the September stats of its brand index, a compilation of online search data from Compete, social media buzz data from New Media Strategies as well person-to-person conversations tracked by Keller Fay.

The following consumer brands made the top 25:

1) Wal-Mart 2) Target 3) eBay 4) Verizon 5) Ford 6) Coca-Cola 7) iPhone 8) AT&T 9) Honda 10) Pepsi 11) iPod 12) Amazon.com 13) Toyota 14) Sears 15) Similac 16)  Bank of America 17) Microsoft 18) Netflix 19) Tylenol 20) McDonald’s 21) Sprint 22) Kohl’s 23) Chevrolet 24) Samsung 25) Comcast

Among this month’s biggest movers was “One a Day” by Bayer, which is offering consumers an immersive, customized social experience to benefit their overall health and wellness at www.whatmatterstoyou.com. It was up 241 spots this month from 381 to 140.

“It is amazing to see how quickly a brand’s energy can be elevated by marketing and promotional strategies—even in just a month,” said Tony Cardinale, svp of Strategic Research Insights for NBC Universal Women and Lifestyle Entertainment Networks in a statement on the September results. “Social media campaigns continue to spark a lot of dialogue and move the needle, and television remains a powerful influence.  We saw multiple cases where strategic TV exposures corresponded with more brand activity.”
Brands with exposure during the launch of the broadcast TV season were also some of the biggest movers this month. Dr. Pepper, which had a high profile mention on Fox’s Glee this month, shot up 19 spots from 83 to 64, Sears which sponsors CBS’ Survivor: Nicaragua, was up 5 spots from 19 to 14. Netflix, which expanded its streaming partnership with NBCU late in the month, was up 2 spots from 20 to 18.
Video game systems targeted at female consumers also gained significant traction this month. The release of “PlayStation Move” for Sony PlayStation 3 drove the PlayStation 3 brand up from 304 to 150. This also may have led to more discussion around its competitor, the Nintendo Wii, which moved 11 spots from 78 to 67.
Other big movers this month were brands that offered fun campaigns directed at children and teens. Applebees, which offered a “kids eat free” promotion at select locations on Labor Day, was up 81 spots from 167 to 86. Also, LG, which hosted its annual National Texting Championship aimed at teens, was up 65 spots from 153 to 88. Campbell’s Soup, which is targeting younger consumers with its Facebook Soup Scan Sweepstakes, was up 37 spots from 121 to 84.
Auto companies, which leveraged the power of social media to introduce new car models, also performed well this month. Chrysler, which unveiled several new 2011 models via Facebook, was up 38 spots from 132 to 94. Also, Ford and Honda, which have also used Facebook in this way, ranked high (#5 and #9 respectively).

Companies that made news with high profile changes also got women talking. Heidi Klum’s exit from Victoria’s Secret bumped the brand up 41 spots from 192 to 151.