On Women, Doctors, Drugs

Do women finish what they start? Not when it comes to prescriptions. A Self poll of women age 18-49 found about half saying they always finish all refills of a prescribed medication. In all, 47 percent said they’re currently taking a prescription drug. It’s not as if women run to the doctor at the first sniffle: 28 percent “always” and 60 percent “sometimes” treat themselves with an over-the-counter drug before seeing a doctor for a prescription. This doesn’t mean doctors are out of the picture, though. Asked to cite the factors influencing their purchase of an OTC drug, 61 percent of women cited their doctor’s recommendation. The chart gives a rundown of the maladies besetting women in this age group. One other nugget from the study: While 20 percent said they’d gone to the doctor five or more times in the previous 12 months, 29 percent hadn’t seen a doctor even once during that period.