Witherspoon Aligns With NextMedia

DALLAS Witherspoon Advertising and Public Relations has formed a strategic alliance with NextMedia.

As part of the revenue-sharing arrangement, NextMedia of Dallas will handle media for Witherspoon’s clients.

Witherspoon of Fort Worth, Texas, had maintained a small media department. But with the recent retirement of Pat Hernandez, the shop’s vice president and media buyer, the agency decided to operate with a media partner.

“By aligning with NextMedia we can give even smaller customers the advantages of these very expensive tools [that NextMedia can access],” chairman and chief executive officer Mike Wilie said. “It helps us go after bigger clients and helps us go more in-depth with clients we currently have.”

The agency has worked with NextMedia in the past, but now the media firm will handle all day-to-day media chores, including insertion orders, Wilie said.

“We’ve built a good deal of capacity and from the onset we were working for other agencies and clients,” said NextMedia principal Michael Leonard. “It doesn’t diminish the services we do for other groups. If we found ourselves in a conflicted situation, we would opt out of the new piece of business.”

Witherspoon currently handles media chores for 25 percent of its clients, Wilie said. “We want to increase that where it makes sense to do so.”