Wieden Gets A Threefer

Look closely at Wieden & Kennedy’s new TV spots for PowerBar and you might recognize a couple of other brand names on the Portland, Ore.-based agency’s client list.
In a 60-second spot titled “A Photo Finish,” both Nike’s “swoosh” and ESPN’s logo appear on a banner across a finish line. In the spot, a marathon runner (with a “swoosh” on his shirt) is leading the way to the finish line. But he is so weak (ostensibly because he hasn’t eaten a PowerBar) that he bounces backwards off the finish line tape and loses to another runner. The tagline is, “Don’t Bonk,” a locker room expression referring to low blood sugar, which leads to shaky limbs and a fuzzy brain.
“[The banner with Nike and ESPN logos] adds to the authenticity of the commercial,” an agency representative said.
In another PowerBar spot, a Nike “swoosh”-like image appears on the shoe of one member of a pack of hungry children chasing down an ice cream vendor.
The ads in the $20 million campaign will air mainly during sports programs on network, cable and spot TV. -Angela Dawson