Why Music and Musicians Are a Marketer's Best Weapons

Opinion: They make for harmonious partnerships

With a microphone in hand (instead of a ball), Drake manages to sell out basketball arenas all over the world. Despite the selling power he and his peers in the music industry have, brands haven’t paid as much attention—or advertising dollars—to musicians, particularly in comparison with the money invested into professional sports. It may seem to be easier and cleaner for a brand to invest in the NBA or All-Star Weekend than in Drake and his record label, OVO, but when it comes to value for spend, music, in my opinion, is a far more impactful marketing vehicle. After all, according to Marketing Dive, only 59% of Americans consider themselves sports fans, but 91% of Americans listen to music for 24 hours or more per week.

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This story first appeared in the Nov. 4, 2019, issue of Brandweek.