Why Brands Must Move From Communication With Consumers to Conversation

Or risk alienating the very customers they’re trying to woo

Some customers feel burdened when interacting with brands. Getty Images

As marketers, we’re increasingly finding ourselves facing an intriguing conundrum when it comes to creating personalized experiences for our customers. In our efforts to drive hyper-personalization, and appeal to every possible consumer need, we’re now at risk of confusing and, even worse, potentially alienating the very customers we’re trying to woo.

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@jeriad As the global personalization lead and regional lead for the Southwest at Accenture Interactive, Jeriad Zoghby and his team enable clients around the world to create unique, curated and seamless experiences for their customers across channels. Jeriad has a Ph.D. in operations research, holds multiple patents and co-invented Accenture’s artificial intelligence technology for advanced audience planning and segmentation. Jeriad is based in Austin, Texas.