This Agency Shuts Down for One Day Every Year to Help Nonprofits

Prophet works with 36 different organizations in 24 hours

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All agencies dip their toes in pro-bono work—looking to lend creative ideas and solutions to nonprofits and give back to the community. One agency has gone so far as to suspend client work across its nine offices for a full day in order to help nonprofits across the world.

Last week Prophet, a 378-person global brand and marketing consultancy, held its annual "Prophet for Nonprofit" event. It's designed to expedite the creative process and set organizations up with whatever they may need, from brand proposals to a new website—call it a hack day for nonprofits, if you will.

This year Prophet worked with 36 different organizations across its nine offices, including New York, Hong Kong, London and San Francisco. The team worked with organizations including Karam Foundation, Top Honors and Family Promise. For the Karam Foundation, which was created to help Syrian refugees, Prophet helped the nonprofit research and prioritize potential donors. Prophet is also developing a marketing and communications strategy for them.

Working with so many organizations in one day gives each team member a chance to find an issue he or she really cares about and find a way to help that organization make a greater impact in the world. "We want to get people working on issues or with organizations that they feel really passionate about," Michael Dunn, chairman and CEO of Prophet, told Adweek.

Of course, going completely off the grid from clients isn't always feasible, so if a team member need to step out and take a call or answer an email, that's no problem. The idea is to clue clients in on the nonprofit day and hopefully finish up any outstanding work ahead of time so the day can be spent focused on finding solutions for nonprofits, big and small.

"Our clients understand that this is a really important part of how we execute our strategy around helping leaders building brands, transform businesses and move society … They love the fact that we do this," Dunn added.

Check out some highlights from the day, below.

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.